The World Of Fatwas. Or The Shariah In Action. Arun Shourie No Comments | Write Review. HarperCollins,Others. ₹ 30 Nov The World of Fatwas By Arun Shourie ASA Publications Pages: Price: Rs Arun Shourie loses no opportunity to criticise Islam, the. Study of Islamic canonical decisions (Fatwas) issued in India during the last hundred years.

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Are We Deceiving Ourselves Again?

The World of Fatwas or the Shariah in Action 4. Advertisement opens in new the world of fatwas arun shourie. They are not the pillars of “the Shariah in Action”, as the author has subtitled his book. Computer training the world of fatwas arun shourie a madrasa in Patna: And why so many terrorists who interpret this hate book and commit crimes? My complaint about the book is its hectoring tone. It is the misfortune of the politics of our country that someone like Mr Shourie who calls a spade a spade can never be successful here.

Return to Book Page. Just read the next verse also verse number 6 from the same chapter. May 29, Imran rated it liked it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Liked the comparision of The world of fatwas arun shourie with another tatalitarion ideology of communism the author is well versed with that too.

Shourie relies on force of facts to generate the argument and prove his point rather than theories or logic. No wonder, then, that the majority of Muslims today pay little attention to them and even foster open hostility towards them. The author has countered the usual claims of secularists of “this verse is cited out of context” etc.

Shourie begins the second chapter, entitled “All of Life”, thus: None of them ever retracted what they had said or written; nor did these fatwas ever unnerve them. My only problem is with the attitude of the hypothesis- it is not ready for any softness on the matter, or rationalize the issue with an contextual understanding!

The four books, released by Harper Collins deal with topics, that are both controversial and sensitive. If both the man and the woman have clothes on during the act, is a bath necessary? Chapter six is entirely devoted to women and the Sharia, and concentrates on proving that the Islamic claim of ensuring justice, equality and dignity to women when compared to other religions of the world, is not just inaccurate, but false.

May b there is a counterpoint to it, but the author has presented his understanding the world of fatwas arun shourie forcefully. His complete works will have 90 volumes.

The World of Fatwas or the Shariah in Action by Arun Shourie

View all 3 comments. Puts an informed perspective to a little known topic in the English language!! View all 21 comments. If the heart is full, and the mind empty, who will be interested in debate? THE World of Fatwas or The Sharia In Action is a meticulously researched work on the application of Islamic precepts to practically every aspect of the existence of the “faithful”. An eye openerArun does his homework very well that makes the novel more interesting!

Most of it deals with trifles: Belonging to different schools, these venerable old men resort to abusive terminology. However, it leaves me with much to ponder!

It certainly serves the purpose the world of fatwas arun shourie educating the secularists who believe in secularism as a mantra rather than as a conviction based on knowledge.

I was astonished to find out that every aspect of a Muslim’s tge is governed by Sharia. Arun Shourie has done it again. Even if the faithful approach the Ulema for fat-was on which to show their posteriors when performing their ablutions.

It has been developed over the centuries into a science. Arun Shourie is one of India’s best known commentators on current and political affairs. The book has 12 chapters.

The pet peeve of the book was why Muslims chose to slaughter cow in the presence of other animals in India and why Muslims got right to divorce. Politicos and Intellectuals have refrained from commenting on the problems with the religion and the root cause of fundamentalism.

Book review: Arun Shourie’s ‘The World of Fatwas’

I recommend this book to those who are into research on Semitic religions. The reality, however, thhe that interest from banks is freely taken; birth control is universally practised; co-education is on the increase: The Quran, the Hadis, the fatwas, represent one continuous endeavour in this respect. I could not finish it. Shreyas rated it it was amazing Dec 17, Bhargav Certified Buyer 9 Mar, Siyad Ps rated it it was amazing Jul 05, But not by discarding Mohammed and the The world of fatwas arun shourie, as Shourie suggests.

It is relevant in reinforcing the point of view that religion, when it moves away from the norms of harmony, eclectic and catholic faith and reasonableness, is a destructive the world of fatwas arun shourie. The author declares that Indian Muslims follow in their day-to-day life these fatwas and those issued either by Deobandis or Brelvis. In that case where will Islam be? Most of the fatwas are not rooted in the Quran or the Sunnah, as Shourie claims; the world of fatwas arun shourie misrepresent, misinterpret and distort the scriptures as they were made to order by either the rulers for their selfish ends or interested groups to sgourie their point of view.

Would recommend to people who are open minded and wish to understand Shariat in action i. May God guide you to the right path. Nothing can be farther from the truth.