May 3, The Court considered the relationship between clauses 21, 27 and 28 of the SHELLTIME 4 standard form, which provide, amongst other things. Mar 5, off-hire clauses are read in favour of the owner, especially in areas of possible ambiguity. The Shelltime 4 form, clause 21(a), provides for a net. The English High Court recently considered* whether clause 19 of the Shelltime 4 form of time charter permitted charterers to give instructions for what would.

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Main Pump Number 7 Capacity.

Eductors Normal Back Pressure. Rebates in port dues etc. If the vapour lock can be used for cargo sampling, what shelltime 4 the volume of the sample that can be drawn? Is a vapour return system fitted? Loran C receiver Number of Units.

It does not override it. Distance K end of drip tray to center line of deck cleat. The “crucial words” in clause 18 of the shelltime 4 form, which stated that it would apply shellitme the provisions of clause 3 as to redelivery, shelltime 4 not replicated in form or substance in clause 19 of Shelltime 4. How many sets of mooring bitts are fitted on forecastle? Any necessary adjustment after this Charter terminates shall be made by payment by Owners to Charterers or by Charterers to Shelltime 4 as the case may require.

Time Charter – Shelltime 4 – Charterers’ Notice on Vessel Condition

Any at sea passages, seabuoy-to-seabouy, of less than 12 hours duration shall not count against performance shelltime 4. Are there cargo tank filling restrictions?

If any term of the Bill of Lading be repugnant to the Act to any extent, such term shall be void to that extent but no further. Aft Main Deck Heaving Power. Tank Number shelltime 4 Capacity.

Time Charter Party

How many sets of mooring bitts are fitted on forward main deck? Shelltime 4 many VHF radios are fitted on the bridge? Is the vessel fitted with a fixed system to continuously Yes monitor for flammable atmospheres?

Main Pump Number 8 Type.

Are shelltime 4 of ballast pumps fitted with high temperature alarms? What type of fire fighting system is fitted in pumproom s?

Time Charter – Shelltime 4 – Last Voyage Instructions

Main Pump Number 5 Capacity. What is the size of the bunker connection? Is there independent piping? It was held that this was drafted with s 69 Arbitration Act in mind, and limited to questions of law shelltime 4 determination may serve a useful purpose for the parties.

Aft Main Deck Motive Power. Mooring Wire Tails Poop Material. Main Pump Number 1 Capacity. Was last special survey shelltime 4 enhanced special survey? Date of last boiler survey – Port boiler. List Operator sponsored training courses shelltime 4 to ratings Fire Fighting etc. What is the max. The Court found that there was the necessary causative link between these orders and the detention of the vessel.

Main Pump Number 6 At what Head?

shelltime 4 R except shelltime 4 declaration of war or hostilities solely between any two or more of the countries sheltime republics having been part of the former USSR shall be exemptedP.

Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to be shelltime 4 a surrender by the carrier of any of his rights or immunities or an increase of any of his responsibilities or liabilities under the Hague Rules. Notwithstanding anything contained in this shelltime 4 any other clause of this charter, Charterers do not warrant the safety of any place to which they order the vessel and shelltime 4 be under no liability in respect thereof except for loss or damage caused by their failure to exercise due diligence as aforesaid.

How many bitts are there on each side of the manifold for tying off submarine hoses? Main Pump Number 4 Type. Ratings employed by Vessel Operator. Ballast Handling Eductors Number. If by reason of or in compliance with any such direction or recommendation the vessel does not proceed to any place of discharge to shelltime 4 she has been ordered pursuant to this charter, the vessel may proceed to any place which the master or Owners in his or their discretion select and there discharge the cargo or such part shelltome it as may be affected.

Is a fixed foam shelltimw system installed for the cargo area? Further, neither the vessel, shelltime 4 master or Owners, nor Charterers shall, unless otherwise in this Charter expressly provided, be liable for any loss or damage or delay or failure in performance hereunder arising or resulting from shelltime 4 of God, act of war, seizure under legal process, quarantine restrictions, strikes, lock-outs, riots, restraints of labor, civil shelltime 4 or arrest or restraint of princes, rulers or people.