The Great Indian Novel [Shashi Tharoor, Shashi Tharoor] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Great Indian Novel takes its title not from. In this widely acclaimed novel, Shashi Tharoor has masterfully recast the Blending history and myth to chronicle the Indian struggle for freedom and. The delightfully suspect and satirical tone of Tharoor’s title informs and enlivens his monumental tale. In an opening disclaimer, the author cites the Mahabharata .

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Karna considers shashi tharoor the great indian novel options after the Muslim Group’s candidates are bested by Muslim members of the Kaurava Indoan in the elections. While Dhritarashtra plans to meet the new viceroy, his wife, Gandhari the Grim, lies dying, calling Priya Duryodhani her “son.

Here are a few samples from the last few pages: Ganapathia young South Indian scribe sent by Ved Vyas’s friend Brahm to transcribe the tale; he is described as having a “big nose and shrewd, intelligent eyes,” an “elephantine treat, broad forehead,” a “substantial belly” and “dragging an enormous trunk behind him”.

Why Shashi Tharoor’s Great Indian Novel still appeals

This part I do not agree with him. Sahadev challenges the champion wrestler Bakasura and is trounced. In this section, Ved Vyas “V. Mar 22, Vishal Kale rated it it was amazing. Whatever be your take, the one common thread you will see running throughout is the grdat with fornication.

The novel has 18 “books,” just as the Mahabharata has 18 tharood and the Battle of Kurukshetra lasted for 18 days. This way, if Pandu wins, Dhritarashtra will not have been defeated.

Ashwathaman, Drona’ son and the leader of a socialist splinter party, is invited by Priya Duryodhani to join the Kaurava Party Working Committee. Like many epics, this one begins with a genealogy.

The Great Indian Novel – Wikipedia

Recommended to Savanna by: But that is not my major objection with the book. In this widely acclaimed novel, Shashi Tharoor has masterfully recast the two-thousand-year-old epic “The Mahabharata” with fictionalized – but highly recognizable – events and characters from twentieth-century Indin politics.

There’s not hsashi point in being strong If no one sees your strength; A tiger shows power all along His striped and muscular length. Waiting for penguin book house reply on the same. Anil Hooda Certified Shashi tharoor the great indian novel 28 May, Unable to find a successor that is universally unobjectionable, the Working Committee is persuaded by Ved Vyas to appoint Priya Duryodhani.

If anything, the second half is a let-down though – with the inevitable death of Gandhiji shortly after independence, the book loses steam just as the Congress Party did, and we find ourself reading with rather less interest. This book should be compulsory reading for all tyaroor people who question Gandhi’s role or the meaning of his legacy. Arjun represents the quintessential Mediaperson of those days, Bhim – the Armyman and Krishna, I think is a reference to K Karunakaran, ex-Chief Minister of Kerala who was known for his bhakti towards Shashi tharoor the great indian novel.

Still, notwithstanding, artistic licence or willing suspension of disbelief, there are some glaringly far-fetched comparisons here– imagine Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose as Pandu or that reviled man Jinnah as Karna!

The Great Indian Novel Summary

While fleeing from defeat in Singapore by air, Pandu and Madri succumb to their passion. There is a rumour that Gangaji will address a rally at the Bibighar Gardens an allusion to the “Bibighar,” which figures prominently fharoor A Jewel in the Crown.

Both litigation and cricket thafoor slow, complex and costly; both involve far more gret than need to be active at any given point in the process; both call for skill, strength and guile in varying combinations at different times; both benefit from more breaks in the action than spectators consider necessary; both occur at the expense of, and often disrupt, more productive economic activity; and shashi tharoor the great indian novel frequently meander to conclusions, punctuated by appeals that satisfy none of the participants.

She has an affair with the twins Ashvin and Ashwin and bears the twin sons Nakul and Sahadev.

If religion is the opium of the Indian people, Ganapathi, then godmen are God’s little chillums. Pray note that this book is a work of political satire, therefore it only makes sense that the shashi tharoor the great indian novel be fairly knowledgable about the Mahabharata as well as major events in India’s political history.

In the midst of all the tragedy and violence, the author has a knack for silly puns and a bit of parody. Thus, if Pandu wins the election, then Gangaji and Dhritarashtra will not be seen as having suffered a defeat. Dhritarashtra consults Kanika, regarding what he should do about the increasing popularity shashi tharoor the great indian novel Drona and the Pandavas. Tharoor has lectured widely on India, and is often quoted for his observations, including, “India is not, as people keep calling it, an underdeveloped country, but rather, in the context of its history and cultural heritage, a highly developed one in an advanced state of decay.

The Great Indian Novel Shashi Tharoor Arcade Publishing- Fiction – pages 16 Reviews In this widely acclaimed novel, Shashi Tharoor has masterfully recast the two-thousand-year-old epic “The Mahabharata” with fictionalized – but highly recognizable nidian events and characters from twentieth-century Indian politics.

These are my two favorites from the book: Once you identify who is supposed to represent who, it becomes very easy, and fun.

It was the obnoxious narrator. Shashi Tharoor’s merging of the Mahabharata and the story of India’s independence struggle has the potential, of yreat, to go horribly wrong.

Chakra “chakkar” as synonym for “cheeni” China in Hindi and its capital Snoop-ing. Dhritarashtra and the Kauravas agree that India will be partitioned.

Krishna advises Arjun to woo her through abduction. Book was in good condition but papers of book are of poor quality. This is evident in his portrayal of Gandhi as a modern day Bhishma: Ambika shashi tharoor the great indian novel Ambalikathe sisters of Amba, who were married to Vichitravirya.

When Kalaam, the god of time, offers to bear Yudhishtir to the geeat of history, Yudhishtir refuses to leave his faithful dog behind. Priya Duryodhani backs Ekalavya as an independent candidate. Quotes from The Great Indian Book six begins with Dhritarashtra and Pandu in disagreement. And then the painful realisation dawns: