Sri Sai Leela – Old Sai Leela Archive- Experiences of Sai devotees- Historical documentaion of Shirdi Sai baba’s life, spiritual interaction with His devotees and . 11 Nov Om Sai Ram, I dont know whether you can get hard copies of Saileela Magazine, But you can read up saileelas from here. 1. Shirdi Sai. 28 Nov Hi, I am very eager to read Sai leela Magazine published by the Sai Sansthan, Shirdi. But I found only the recent editions are translated to.

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Without seeing Him, without knowing Him, why should you criticise Sai and laugh at us”. The Pandal appeared englisu be in danger of being blown off by the wind.

Satyanarayana Sastry, November We arrived by this jeep at the Kopargaon bus stand. Devotees take Baba’s photo along with padukas and satka in a palanquin enlish decorated.


Neither I knew the way to Shirdi, nor have I seen Baba previously. My wife and I had done Padha Puja to Sri Swamiji as usual and took Prasad and Blessings from Him and left for our house to make arrangements for our proposed trip on This happened thirty three years after the Mahasamadhi of Baba which confirms the following assurances given by the benign Sai. He went home and asked his wife to tell the truth.

What I am just at this moment when I am writing on this subject is the effect of the sum total of all the impressions that have been left in my mind by each and all the works that I have done in my pastlife and that is why I experience Sadguru Sai in my practical life without having a blind faith.

A little later, when he met his wife in the confinement room, she told him that an old man with a beard and angarkha and a satka came and sat on her bed and said “My dear child, don’t worry, I have come to give you relief. Usha Ranganathan December Since they were not ready, I told them to meet me at Samadhi Mandir, where I would be awaiting them.

So information on the number of copies that need to be sent to a particular centre is required. I was making an air dash from Delhi to Bhopal to meet my husband, who was about to leave for Hyderabad.


I came and stood at the doorstep praying intently to Shri Ram. My joy knew no bound. That the Medical Examination should be over within hours on Thursday and I joined duty the same day thus making me earn 6 days wages as against 5 days, which I aimed at. What is that thing sought for by every-one-the rich and the poor alike? It can be felt only. His eai was too well known as an athiest and he continued to walk in the foot prints of his father. Haemorrhage was somewhere leela the system but they could not locate the exact spot even after taking X-Rays of all the possible spots of haemorrhage.

You will hear my bones speaking and discussing your welfare. Within two months my wife became pregnant. Till then I was not aware of the worship of Shri Sai Baba.

After I retired inI reverted to Sri Sai’s work, the whole day being at my disposal to serve, think and feel about Sri Sai.

I tried to find him out but in vain. The journey through mountains is very tough, especially to Kedarnath where the last 15 kms.

He was a confirmed miser. Venkat Rao April After a treatment of about three months magaaine health became almost normal. He knows when to give, what and in what measure, through whom and how to make the man feel that ennglish was only through God’s Grace that he was relieved of his suffering and to be relieved of all his sufferings he should invoke the blessings of the Almighty for ever-till the end of his life. He was also kind enough to invite us both for lunch that day at about 2 pm.

Uma Das June The following day being Friday, as usual after my morning rituals when I returned from Shivalaya, a person was waiting for me with an introduction letter to appear for an interview. We reached Gauri Kund in an hour. I do not see any difference between Lord Venkateshwara Venkusa? I was aware that ‘I’ was not alone and Lord Sainath was with me.

Everything went on well according to schedule.