El gen ego�sta extendido [Richard Dawkins] on Cuando Dawkins publicó la primera edición de El Gen Egoísta en , escribió que. Compare book prices from over booksellers. Find El gen egoista / The Selfish Gene: Las bases biologi () by Richard Dawkins. : El gen egoista / The Selfish Gene: Las bases biologicas de ( ) by Richard Dawkins and a great selection of similar New, Used .

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An example of such a conflict might be a person using birth control to prevent fertilisation, thereby inhibiting the replication of his or her genes. The book contains no illustrations. Journal of Theoretical Biology. Another example is the existence of segregation distorter genes that are detrimental to their host, but nonetheless propagate themselves at its expense. Consegna entro 7 – 14 giorni lavorativi via posta eggoista. For some, the metaphor of “selfishness” is entirely ddawkins, while to others it is confusing, misleading, or simply silly to ascribe mental attributes to something that is mindless.

International shipping, Generalmente spedito in 24 ore. Although Dawkins agrees that groups can assist survival, they rank as a “vehicle” for survival only if the group activity is replicated in descendants, recorded in the genn, the gene being the only true replicator.

My Books Store, Inc. There are other times when the implicit interests of the vehicle and replicator are in conflict, such as the genes behind certain male spiders’ instinctive mating behaviour, which increase the organism’s inclusive fitness by allowing it to reproduce, but shorten its life by exposing it to the risk of being eaten by the cannibalistic female.

A lineage is expected to evolve to maximise its inclusive fitness —the number of copies of its genes passed on globally rather than by a particular individual.

The Quarterly Review of Biology. Del pedido enviado desde nuestro warehouse en el USA.

Thompson follows with a detailed examination of the concept of DNA as a look-up-table and the role of the cell in orchestrating the DNA-to-RNA transcriptionindicating that by anyone’s account the DNA is hardly the whole story.

More generally, the objection has been made that The Selfish Gene discusses philosophical and moral questions that go beyond biological arguments, relying upon anthropomorphisms and careless analogies. In JulyThe Selfish Gene was listed as the most influential science book of all time in a poll to celebrate the 30th ten of the Royal Society science book prize.

Dawkins examines childbearing and raising children as evolutionary strategies.

The Cambridge Companion to the Philosophy of Biology. In the foreword to the book’s 30th-anniversary edition, Dawkins said he “can readily see that [the book’s title] might give an inadequate impression of its contents” and in retrospect thinks he should have taken Tom Maschler ‘s advice and called the book The Immortal Gene.

Consegna stimata entro 20 giorni. Contemporary Scientific Psychology Reprint of ed. Retrieved 18 November Tml Bookstore via United States. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Prior to the s, it was common for altruism to be explained in terms of group selectionwhere the benefits to the organism or even population were supposed to account richarv the popularity of the genes responsible for the tendency towards that behaviour.

Biology, Phenomenology, and the Sciences of Mind. The Selfish Gene au: Click on the price to find out more about a book. With the addition of Dawkins’s book to the country’s consciousness, the term “meme” entered popular culture.

Used – Good, Usually dispatched dawins business days, The item is in a perfect readable condition, though showing wear because of its regular use. He criticises earlier approaches to social evolution, saying: Dawkins proposes the idea of the “replicator”: Generalmente spedito in giorni lavorativi.

We will call it the Replicator. Survival of the Fittest.

The Selfish Gene – Wikipedia

May not contain Access Codes or Supplements. Used – Like New, Usually ships in business days. These examples might suggest that there is a power struggle between genes and their interactor. Dawkins builds upon George C. De Ediciones, Used – Very Good.

Atmosphere Books via Spain.