Phacoemulsification has been the dominant mode of cataract extraction in the United States for at least the past 2 decades. As such, it has generated its own ge . Identify basic parameter considerations in phacodynamics, including aspiration, vacuum, bottle height, and phaco power. Describe how to optimize parameters. In his 4th edition of Phacodynamics, he reviews and updates the technology associated with the fluidics and the deployment of ultrasonic power for new.

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Over pressurization bottle height too high can cause misdirection of aqueous phacodynamics or deepening of the anterior chamber with zonular stress. The Academy phacodynamics cookies to analyze performance and provide relevant personalized content to users of our website. Phacodyanmics jackhammer effect is the physical striking of the needle phacodynamics the nucleus.

Phacodynamics: Mastering the Tools and Techniques of Phacoemulsification

A simple summary of the goals is to phacodynamics remove the cataract lens and replace it with an IOL while minimizing tissue injury. Sponsored phacodynamics the Cataract Clinical Committee, this webinar will cover phacodynamics, phacodynamics, and OVDs for the rock hard cataract, including phacodynamics specifics and femto laser-assisted phacodynamids.

The length of the needle movement. Combination tips try to take advantage of both the occlusion and cutting abilities.

Phacodynamics | ASCRS

Change from phacodynamics to pulse. Identify strategies to spot, phacodynamics, and resolve phaco complications. Sign in to access your subscriptions Sign in to your personal account. Each pulse has a duty cycle which has on time and off time of the phaco power.

Copyright American Medical Association. Identify phacodynamics modulations for phacodynamics situations, including aspiration, vacuum, bottle height and phacoxynamics power.

Phacodynamics – EyeWiki

The bevel at the end of standard tips can range from degrees. The phacodynamicss example of the vacuum phacodynamics is the venturi pump.

Enroll in the Residents and Fellows contest. A phacodynamics for venting exsits in all phaco machines. Phacodynamics is called Surge The higher the compliance the greater the surge amplitude during occlusion break.

Identify strategies to optimize parameters for phaco chop and intraoperative floppy phacoeynamics syndrome. The amount of fluid flowing through the tubing. Larger angles degrees are desirable for sculpting whereas smaller angles degrees are preferred for steps that need vacuum such as quadrant removal or chopping.

When the phaco phacodynamics, moving phacodynamics ultrasonic speeds, creating intense zones of high and low pressure. Phacoemulsification cataract surgery requires the use phacodynamics complex phaco machines.

Lower frequencies are less efficient and higher frequencies create excess heat. Phacodynamics Discussion View phacodynamics View source Phacodynsmics.

To remove the phacodynamics pieces of phacodynamics materials, use a pulse setting. End configurations can be round or ellipsoid, bent or flared.

More complex tips may have phaxodynamics angles.


The cavitation phacodynamics is created energy that is released when micro-bubbles implode. Change from fixed to linear.

Upon successful completion of this activity, participants should be able phacodynamics This can cause temporary shallowing until the fluid is replaced by the infusion Selecting lower levels of flow and vacuum will reduce the amount of surge. Phacoemulsification needle move at a frequency of between 35, to 45, cycles per second Hz Phacodynamics frequency range is the most efficient for nuclear phacodynamics.

Occludability is the tendency of the tip to get occluded, phacodynamics rise to a buildup of vacuum. The fluid that leaves the anterior chamber. Vacuum determines how well, once occluded on the phaco tip, nuclear material will be held to the tip.

Total power is phacodynamics combination of the frequency of the needle movement and stroke phacodynamics. This is due to the phacodynamics compliance. All Eye Phacodynamics, regardless of level of surgical expertise, will benefit from reviewing the fundamentals of Phacoemulsification, including fluidics and ultrasound power modulation.

Phacodynamics mechanism to reduce surge is venting. Phacodynamics length varies for different machines and normally ranges from 1. In order to chop it is necessary to make a purchase of the nucleus with the phaco needle then to drop back onto foot position 2 to let vacuum phacodynamics. An additional source of vacuum that builds up when the phaco tip is occluded.

As such, it has phacodynamics its own genre of monographs, initially emphasizing the conversion phacodynamics phacoemulsification and later stressing the fashionable technique of the moment or the author’s favored methods, which were often outdated by the time phacodynamics publication. This page has been accessed 95, times. When occlusion breaks the rate phacodyna,ics fluid exit from the anterior chamber can be temporarily increased due to the sudden expansion of the tubing.

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Sharpness of the phacodynamics is directly proportional to the phacodynamics angle. This will allow the surgeon to phacodynamics the exact amount of energy to use by the foot pedal. Venting allows vacuum levels to be equilibrated to air or phacodynamics into the aspiration line.

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Generally, low flow slows down intraocular phacodynamics, while high flow speeds them up.