Paul Brunton and the Secret Path. an appreciation by John Behague. There have been many who have influenced me in my lifelong search for the truth, but. 12 May By Georg Feuerstein. I WILL ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL TO PAUL BRUNTON, for it was his first book that was also my first encounter with the. The Secret Path is a practical guide to the spiritual wisdom of the East. Paul Brunton () is generally recognized as one of the pioneers who introduced.

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We need bruntn keep a photograph of him on our desk, as did the rajahs of Mysore and Kasmanda, but we surely would do well to delve into his written legacy. Death to the man or woman who knows the truth means no more than a new birth, or reincarnation. Eirin Lavine Henriksen rated it really liked it Nov 06, We live in a fast action world with little time for purposeful thinking or spiritual experimentation.

I suspect that Burnton was also a member of Subud, but I have seen no confirmation of this.

Abbas Virjee rated it it was amazing Dec 08, We must face facts bravely and realize that divine will is ultimately behind the whole universe and consequently must even be behind the horror and agony and wickedness too.

If we will not press and push it open, our darkness is self-doomed. He never stood still, and it was hard for many of his readers to keep up with his rapidly unfolding philosophical wisdom.

Paul Brunton’s Secret Path by Georg Feuerstein

Like the sea, the human mind is ceaselessly active. Someone prods him, reminding him to ask his questions. Want to Read saving…. Born Raphael Hurst in London inPaul Brunton pursued a career as a bookseller, as a journalist, and later as a magazine editor — occupations not normally associated with wisdom or spiritual adventure.

He found that the venture within is what really matters; brjnton truth is sometimes found in unexpected places and in blinding flashes. Then only the sage and Brunton are left behind. He was one of the fir Paul Brunton was a British philosopher, researcher, mystic, and adventurer.

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The hall empties, as one disciple after another quietly leaves. I have discovered along my own journey that it is difficult to uncover truth.

What brunyon we to believe?

One has only to consider how devoted German fathers with deep love of family, music, and the arts, supported Hitler in his massacre of innocents. Feb 08, Phil Calandra rated it it was amazing. For Brunton, the principal objective of the book was to introduce his Western readers to the ancient but largely forgotten notion that the spiritual realm interpenetrates our physical plane, and that spirit beings are indeed as real as we are.

Bruntno Brunton describes it:. I would highly recommend it. His spiritual adventure in the Great Pyramid of Cheops ,vould not have been possible for an immature practitioner, who would have died from sheer fright.

The Secret Path

We both made the same discoveries, but he allowed his discoveries to change his life. We may make wonderful machines and ships of vast size, and we may constantly reach for the stars, but our tragedy is that we have forgotten who we are. Then one of these awe-inspiring men, wearing the unmistakable regalia of a High Priest, spoke to him.

This is clearly one of the best written books on mysticism which I have read.

Paul Brunton’s Secret Path

As he continued his investigation of spiritual life, he began to see the limitations of traditional Hindu doctrines and approaches. His search was more successful than my own because he had the courage and determination to venture into the unknown, tear down curtains of superstition, topple idols, and scatter sacred cows. It is also said that he was the first person to bring yoga and meditation to the West, well before the arrival of Transcendental Meditation and its emissaries.

Suddenly, my body seems to disappear, and we are both out in space!

Bob R rated it really brujton it Oct 28, Brunton saw two tall figures in white robes approach. He understood philosophy as a practical orientation to life, the synthesis of religious veneration, mystical meditation, rational reflection, moral re-education, and altruistic service.

My first moments of understanding came to me when I was high in the Himalayas during a wartime journey to Tibet. In the book Paul Brunton: But even within the beast there lies hidden a spiritual being. A Personal View Larson. A Search in Secret India. Brunton was the only European ever given permission to spend an entire night alone there.

But it can be done. He conjectured that Sri Ramana would have been perfectly able to continue to manifest to him, as he continues to manifest to disciples to this day, but that he, Brunton, had to take the next step on the spiritual path.