Naatak presents its 31st production. Patol Babu Film Star and Other Plays. A Collection of Plays in English by Academy Award Winner Satyajit Ray. Cubberley . 18 Apr Patol Babu is an important lesson for Class 10 English. to belong to the film industry and he was looking for an actor for an impending film. FREE NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English, Chapter 5 – Patol Babu Film Star from NCERT Textbook (Literature Reader Cbse Solutions).

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Patol Babu became very sad to see that his dialogue was just the word “Oh”. Patol Babu is a hardworking man who struggles to earn his livelihood and does not give up.

Patol thought that his guide Gogon Pakrashi would have been happy to see his good patoll. Patol Babu couldn’t keep standing in one spot any more; his legs felt heavy.

The pqtol unit usually got hold of some people, made them do their parts and paid them a small amount. He also became interested in details and called out to the makeup man Kesto.

Patol Babu, Filmstar – Class 10 English Explanation, Summary, Difficult Words

There’s one more shot left before your turn comes. After doing it for a number of times he made an astonishing discovery. Very Helpful and Easy to understand Answers,But certainly not attractive to examiners. There was also a bus which carried equipment on its roof.

He also suggested that holding a newspaper would make him look realistic. It included Feature films, documentaries as well as short films. He was unsuccessful in these as he closed the store after five years, gave up the job after a fight with the boss and after ten years of struggle, gave up the work of being an insurance salesman also.

I saw so many new things—cameras, lights, make up artists, production people, etc. Some of them merely stood in front of it while some were not even visible properly. Mullick wanted to quickly shoot the scene in the sunlight and he could see a large patch of cloud approaching the sun, which was making him impatient. When an acting offer came by, he readily agreed to do it. Mullick turn down Patol Babu’s request for a rehearsal? On reaching the sets, he is at first disappointed and a little insulted to learn that the role for which he has been chosen is pretty insignificant.

Just think how crucial the shot is. The production unit has to see minor details, arrange for actors for small roles, and arrange for props.

Patol Babu was taken aback by the acting offer. They both live three houses apart in a street called Nepal Bhattarcharji lane. He considered himself to be worthless. The crew had cheated him by calling him so far for a mere thing and that it was a wastage of time and effort.

He would be coming to meet Patol Babu at around half past ten that morning. He had only one word to say–‘Oh! He said he was looking for an actor for a scene in a film they’re now shooting.

As he practices, he realises that a monosyllabic exclamation could be said in different ways and carried different meanings.

It was surprising for Patol Babu to think he would be appropriate for the role at his age. What does this reveal about his bwbu He directed him to stand aside and wait for him.

Patol Babu cleared this throat. Answer Dear Nishikanto Babu, How are you? If you are feeling jaded and in need for motivation, do read Patol Babu, Flim Star.

I wouldn’t have come to you for just a walk-on part. Patol Babu suggested a rehearsal, but Baren Mullick shook his head impatiently. He said, “Remember one thing, Patol; however small a part you’re offered, never consider it beneath your dignity to accept it. Patol Babu walked up to Jyoti and asked him when would his turn come. In reply, Nishikanto asks him that by what time he would be back home. We have a few things to attend to before we get going.

These solutions for Patol Babu Film Star are extremely popular among class 10 students for English Patol Babu Film Star Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams.

Patol Babu Summary- Class 10 English Notes

He chooses a reclusive spot to practice. He ordered him staf be quick as they were running short of time. In fact I can say that it was my finest performance till date. The man was surprised that Patol did not know Baren Mullick who was well — known as he had made three successful films one after the other.

Patol Babu inwardly commended the director’s perspicacity. A strapping young fellow.

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