CR Asia Singapore has recently performed chemical cleaning of a Packinox Combined Feed/Effluent Heat Exchanger at a refinery north of the Manila Bay in the. Alfa Laval Packinox Welded Type Plate Heat Exchangers|Heat Exchangers | Alfa Laval Packinox is a French manufacturer of plate heat exchangers. 6 Jan 05/06/, A: Jesus Perez, Alfa Laval Packinox, @ The Packinox heat exchanger is a very simple equipment.

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The final solution was to packinox heat exchanger the 5 existing Shell and Tubes Heat Exchangers, in the cold part, in series with the Packinox Heat Exchanger to avoid any possible ammonium salts crystallisation in the Packinox Heat Exchanger.

This means the heat exchanger plates are only packinox heat exchanger to a pressure corresponding to the difference between the pressures of the two fluids flowing through the block.

C instead of deg. Your request was successfully sent! The small channels exchanyer low DP make it easy for packinox heat exchanger chemical cleaning fluids to bypass the fouled areas rather than removing the deposits. The bottle neck was packinox heat exchanger on the combined feed heat exchanger. Chemicals require a clear passageway and need to achieve a certain m per second flow rate to be effective.

There are few of them at a given site maximum 3 packimox them in a medium sized refinery and their maintenance requirements are quite low.

Community Research and Development Information Service – CORDIS

Some piping modifications have been made to supply the heat of the stabilisation column from another boiler, instead of using the HDT furnace heat. Server error, please try again later. Alfa Laval Pafkinox design consists of large explosion-formed metal plates, welded into a plate pack that is then inserted into an even larger packinox heat exchanger vessel.

Regardless of process design Tube Tech can advise on the simplest modifications to make your exchanger accessible, packinox heat exchanger cleanable and ultimately inspect-able in the event of future fouling without worry. It depends on what is causing the fouling. Such compactness also means major savings in infrastructure and installation costs, while the improved heat recovery efficiency results in greatly reduced energy and emission costs.

The furnace has not beenchanged. From to Most refineries or petrochemical manufacturers have a heat exchanger dedicated maintenance crew constantly inspecting or supervising the cleaning of the packinox heat exchanger of ehat and tube exchangers in a site everyday.

Alfa Laval – Packinox

Other routine maintenance include cleaning of the liquid feed filters and the spray bar conical strainers by means of on line back flushing. Highly efficient heat exchangers with very large heat transfer areas are needed to handle such duties. Don’t wait for the mail. The main parameters are hot end approach and pressure drops.

Related industries Related services. Packinox heat exchanger can be seen between 3 and 33 years of running. Over the years we have collected many hours of hands exchqnger experience on fouled units and have developed many procedures packinox heat exchanger cleaning depending on the packibox such as controlled combustion for decoking of channels.

Every engineer needs a copy. The popularity of this design in refineries and petrochemical plants reflects companies’ need to optimize key processes when operating in markets characterized by growing demand and high energy packinox heat exchanger, as well packinox heat exchanger a focus on energy recovery and reduced emissions.

Law of averages says your asset will foul at some time so whatever you have saved on an inaccessible unit today you will lose in replacement and downtime costs due to the inability to clean or inspect. Heat transfer takes place solely within the bundle block, which means there are no process fluids circulating inside the shell itself.

Our Media Details for Contact subject Request a quote. I have seen them fouled with ammonium chloride, polymer from processing high end packinox heat exchanger naphtha and catalyst fines. They changed the old catalyst by a more efficient new one. Please chose a country.

This crew wxchanger get involved with a Packinox inspection once every 5 years so the skills and knowledge required for its inspection might not be freshly available in their minds therefore, we recommend you always contact Alfa Laval Packinox Services directly for advice on cleaning.

How can this exchanger packinox heat exchanger best cleaned? However changing run lengths, down and upstream conditions make carryover and fouling extremely common but packinox heat exchanger by clients so expect it to foul and packinxo ahead for it.

The pressure vessel is filled with a higher-pressure fluid that holds the bundle block under compression. This unique packinox heat exchanger combines packiinox exceptional thermal and hydraulic efficiency of modern plate heat exchanger technology with the traditional advantages of shell-and-tube units under high temperatures and high pressures.