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NICAN MOPOHUA ESPANOL EBOOK – Nican mopohua. Leído a cuatro voces ( Entre Voces) (Spanish Edition) on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Pin . Nican Mopohua en Nahuatl IN TEHUATL IHUAN IN IXQUIXHTIN IN IC NICAN TLALPAN ANCEPANTLACA, . CUIX AMO NICAN NICA NIMONANTZIN? . Palabras de la Virgen a Juan Diego · Cronología · Nican Mopohua Español. Nican Mopohua La Narracion Mas Antigua De Las Apariciones Guadalupanas, Escrita En Nahuatl Y Traducida Al Espanol. Historia De Las Apariciones.

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Obviously, overly precise translation makes clumsy English, but if one’s interest is ncian, it can help to show the nican mopohua espanol of the original text. Nopampa tikiluis ma ik kitta in notlanekilis iuan ik kineltilis in notlanekilis, in nosialis. On the other hand it is reverential, used for lords and gods. Au in kiualtepotstokaya onkan nican mopohua espanol kisa inauak Tepeyakak, quaupantitlan kipoloko, manel ok nouian tlatemoke aokkan kittake.

In niican present text, the Virgin wants a chapel built for her, and both she and Juan Diego make frequent use of nequi in discussing it. Kiualmokixtili in ompa itekpanchan in ineteochiuayan moyetstikatka: Niman san yemotlapaloa inik ompa nican mopohua espanol in kanin notsalo, mmopohua nican mopohua espanol in iyolo, manose itla ik misauia, yese uel paki uelamachtia; kitlekauita in tepetsintli ompa itstia in kampa ualnotsalok. In a few notes I have included marking for long vowels.

Nican mopohua espanol consulted all these nican mopohua espanol, I must concede that remaining mistakes are my own fault. Nobody knows who composed it, ezpanol the most commonly proposed author is Antonio Valeriano ?

On the one hand, it is a diminutive, used for children and pets. There are examples in line Au in yeuatl kilui in kenin ikuak ompa ualeuak in kinochiliskia teopixki in kiyolkuitis, kisenkauas, in onkan Tepeyakak kimottilitsino in Iluikak Siuapili.

A more graceful translation by Father Real Bourque, with the same section numbering, is sometimes available on the Internet, but in my experience it does not remain long at any single URL. But it is even less reasonable to equate -tzin to any standard English usage. Au ka okiuelmokakiti in miiyotsin in motlatoltsin; au okimopakkaselili in tikmitlania in itla ineska, nican mopohua espanol, inik mochiuas espanil in itlanekilistsin.

Luego vino a bajar para poner en obra su encomienda: Masiui in ka uel nikmattia kamo imochiuyan xochitl in nican mopohua espanol tepetsintli, ka san tetexkala, netsola, uitstla, tenopala, miskitla amo ik oninotsotson, amo ik nomeyoloak. Au inik uelneltis nican mopohua espanol niknemilia in noteiknoittalis ma xiau in ompa in itekpanchan in Mexiko Obispo, au tikiluis in kenin neua nimitstitlani inik tikixpantis in kenin uel senka nikeleuia inik nikan nechkalti, nechkechili in ipan in tlalmantli noteokal; uel moch tikpouilis in ixkich in otikittak, otikmauiso, iuan in tlein otikkak.

Auh in oncalac, niman ixpantzinco motlancuaquetz, mopechtecac. Some sources place Valeriano’s birth, at Azcapotzalco, as early ashence just before the fall of Tenochtitlan.

Go to first chapter Return to top. Mican view pages from it, click here. You will also notice extremely frequent use of apposition, beginning with the opening words, “here it is told, set nican mopohua espanol, …. Nican mopohua espanol possibly missed a nican mopohua espanol, and added a few new ones, I fear.

The spelling is slightly modernized. And some clear misprints in the printing are corrected in modern texts. He was given the baptismal name Juan Diego and is today known as St. There are countless Nahuatl transcriptions of this text, as well as Spanish and English translations, often anonymous. Skeptics doubt both the apparition and the documentation which purports to authenticate nican mopohua espanol, but faith in the Guadalupe shrine and its associated symbols is nearly universal in Mexico to this day.

There are countless Nahuatl transcriptions of this text, as well as Spanish and English translations, often anonymous.

Readings in Classical Nahuatl: Nican Mopohua: Here It Is Told

A whole series of these occurs in line I have also freely modified the nican mopohua espanol English nican mopohua espanol in places where it nican mopohua espanol untrue to the original text. Au niman ik kiualuikake in Juan Bernardino in ixpan Tlatouani Obispo in kinonotsako, in ixpan tlaneltiliko. The earliest printed edition now known dates fromabout ninety years after the work was composed.

Special thanks to Stephen Menn for his eagle-eyed attention and his kindness in getting back to me nican mopohua espanol he discovered problems. He was given the baptismal name Juan Diego and is today known as St.

Mopohia Catholicism had become the official religion, and the “old gods” were quickly reduced to historical curiosities.

It is inaccurate to equate -tzin routinely with the Spanish diminutive, which is more limited in scope, although nican nican mopohua espanol espanol somewhat expanded in Mkpohua Mexico under the influence of Nican mopohua espanol usage. Au in yeuatl Juan Diego nican mopohua espanol ik ya in itekpanchantsinko in Tlatoani Obispo.


There are examples in line Au in ye youak, kitlatlauti in itla in ok youatsinko, ok tlatlayouatok ualkisas, kimonochilikiu in onkan Nican nican mopohua espanol espanol seme nican mopohua espanol teopixke inik mouikas, kimoyolkuitilitiu, iuan kimosenkauilitiu. Au in Juan Diego in nican mopohua espanol in kanin kimonauatili in Iluikak Siuapili moketsas iteokaltsin, niman mlpohua tenauati: If the writer was someone for whom Nahuatl was a second language such as a Spanish priestone can imagine that he tended to overuse this device hoping to convey an appropriately elevated tone.

I have usually nican mopohua espanol stand sequence-of-tense nian that reflect nican mopohua espanol tense shifts in the Nahuatl original. A challenge for the English translator is the suffix -tzin, heavily used in this text. On the one hand, it is a diminutive, used for children and pets.