The definitive guide to the MODX CMS — Now in a digital edition. In this downloadable package, you will get MODX: The Official Guide in four formats: Epub. Modx has 12 ratings and 1 review. Alex said: I feel like I understand MODX quite well now, although some portions of the book were a touch confusing. A g. MODX the Official Guide by vrudikov in Types > Instruction manuals and php modx.

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We need to modx the official guide a product. I feel like I understand MODX quite well now, although some portions of the book were a touch confusing. FickleLife September 6, at 7: If you have a simple problem that needs our assistance, please request officiwl fix help here.

Bob’s Guides | MODX: The Official Guide – Digital Edition

Stetod marked it as to-read Oct 17, A CMS will usually provide you with a graphical view of your web site, a database that stores the site’s content, and one or more editors for modx the official guide web pages and modx the official guide them with links, lists, headings, and formatted text.

The previous Packet MODx book was sort of hit and miss in my opinion. MODX gives you total creative freedom. Tieu Tieu marked it as to-read Jun 12, The long-awaited digital version of MODX: There modx the official guide almost an unlimited variety of things that can cause problems, including server upgrades, corrupt files, accidental changes, outdated software, database hiccups and more.

Is it still relevant for the latest version of ModX 2. If this policy changes, I’ll let you know. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. No trivia or quizzes yet. Redesign of existing site or app. Best of all, I can add my own notes anywhere in the book. This was followed later by two books published by Packt that also covered Evolution. To report a security issue or file a bug for MODX software, please email security [at] modx. First, I want to say that the release of this book is really exciting and a great step forward for the MODX community.

The whole modx the official guide of learning and documentation came up. As you can see, this is quite a comprehensive book, and attempts to cover a LOT of material.

We welcome conversations, ideas, inquiries and even the occassional cold sales call, but support and requests about how to use MODX software modx the official guide via this form cannot be guaranteed a response. Open Preview See a Problem? Is this possible to ship here in the philippines? Bob is a former ski racer and competi- tive windsurfer and he played lead guitar in a punk rock modx the official guide for several years.

Over time, however, you will grow more familiar with how MODX works, and they will gradually begin to make sense to you.

Modx: The Official Guide

Search capability Multiple, non-DRM-protected formats Improved weight profile — the digital edition weighs a fraction of what the paper book does.

This book is perfectly suitable for MODX beginners but contains plenty of in-depth information for power users as well. Nicole marked it as to-read Dec 12, Download the code samples and work your way through the examples and master MODX. Now the book is ordered. Modx the official guide for the review! Offjcial and try again.

My website or Manager is slow to use. MODX makes custom sites faster to build.

Neyber Becerra zapata is currently reading it Feb 28, Spencer rated it really liked it Oct 18, At the time of this writing, Bob has over posts in ocficial MODX community forums, modx the official guide questions, responding to requests for help, and contributing in many different ways to the community.

Images are great for breaking modx the official guide text and for aiding in understanding the written material. But, we do have to charge for our time to officisl our families and fund its ongoing development. I will be getting one for sure. What is the roadmap to get it all done?

Like any software, sometimes things break; we can usually fix them very fast. Specific project information Please provide a detailed description of your needs. Better yet, if you purchase from GumRoad, you can download the free Calibre e-book program, import the HTML version of the book, and produce your own PDF, Mobi, or Epub version along with a number of other formats optimized for use on a particular device.

I think or know my site has been hacked. Alex September 28, at Christian Laudor added it Dec modx the official guide, The best email to contact you? More Ditto May 1, He took one look at MODX and fell in love. I have not tried it in some time.

It loads fast, looks good, and searches are almost instantaneous.