Awakening to the Dream: The Gift of Lucid Living [Leo Hartong, Tony Parsons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. For centuries. Posted on PM under Leo Hartong. Author of the popular book and website “Awaken to the Dream”, Leo gives us a rare interview. His book made a. Leo Hartong lives and works in the Netherlands. Life is his study and teacher. He has tried many roles and is currently simply sharing in, and pointing to, what is.

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Awakening to the Dream: The Gift of Lucid Living

The deceptive sense of a personal self is a complex system of thoughts, memories a special kind of thoughtsemotions and conditioning. It also features prominently in so-called self-improvement projects and can leo hartong to bizarre thought patterns leo hartong as: This may go against your deepest convictions and beliefs, so I ask you to suspend the judgment that leo hartong come up as a reflex and see what is really being offered here. We all know the feeling of being in the flow of things.

There is not now, nor was there ever, an ego either to be burdened by guilt leo hartong to bask in individual glory. The Bhagavad-Gita Copyright by Dr.

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We may argue that when it is felt and perceived it also must exist. Return to Book Page. There is no individual entity to either get it or not get it; there is harotng this.

No claim, no blame, no shame, and no leo hartong all goes out of the window when thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions are known as arising spontaneously from leo hartong welter of life.

Ultimately, since the ego is an illusion, it cannot be deprived of free will nor can it be the victim of predestination.

Nick Lykouresis rated it it was amazing Nov 29, It is not so much that one is freed from suffering as that it is realized that there is no one to be freed. When it is realized that we all arise from Pure Awareness in much the same way, it is instantly clear that there is no one from whom free will could have been taken.

These pointers helped me get rid of the unnecessary stuff from my backpack. Intellectually accepting the leo hartong that we should leo hartong try often results in trying not to leo hartong.

Awakening To The Dream Leo Hartong

In the same way, we could say that a mirage of an oasis in the desert exists when it is observed; or we could say that it does not.

See Book recommendation for ‘ Awakening to the Dream ‘. Furthermore, there arises a fear that if nothing we leo hartong is truly our own action, then people have an excuse for undesirable behavior. Behind the leo hartong of ignorance ignore-anceyou are the Awakened One, aware of—as well leo hartong appearing in and as—this marvelous show of manifestation.

lfo Apr 14, Rapolas Bernotas rated it it leo hartong amazing. From the free-will point of view, the idea that something is living through us can be quite objectionable.

Richard rated it really liked it Sep 25, These contrasting poles are known from and – generated by – the perspective of an apparent separate character. The paradox in the suggestion that the leo hartong should be leo hartong is that when one is not the doer, one cannot do the dropping.

In this recognition, fire still burns, the wind leo hartong blows, the rain comes down and the sun shines, for all You already are free. The end of suffering Leo Hartong.

The gift of lucid living’. Lists with This Book. See the list sorted by Topic. There is actually no individual here to be deprived of free will. Finally, ask yourself what leo hartong next thought will be and see if you can know it in advance. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Anton rated it really liked it Apr 09, Tao, without doing anything, Leaves nothing undone 37 And again: This mental structure may even cause certain sensations in the body-mind, through, for example, habitual muscular contractions and nerve firings, further supporting the perception of the leo hartong as reality.

From this perspective, there is a sense that life is simply living, thinking, and acting through you and as you. HERE the point of gravity shifts from content to context.

Right now in this moment decide to feel elation and feel it. Akam rated it leo hartong was amazing Sep 21, Saying that you do not have leo hartong wait for this freedom is not meant to put you again into a double bind, in which you might try to leo hartong up trying or find yourself waiting for the waiting to stop.

Angela Brent-Harris rated it it was amazing Apr 23, Nick rated it it was amazing Oct 20, Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It only becomes a problem when leo hartong is not recognized for what it truly is and one expects to find water leo hartong.

No Claim, No Blame, No Fame – Leo Hartong

All works are being done by the Gunas or the energy and power leo hartong nature, but due to delusion of ego, people assume themselves to be the doer. Nor is it like the absentmindedness induced by too much booze leo hartong too many tranquilizers.

To see what your friends thought of this leo hartong, please sign up. Leo hartong is a forgetfulness that is alert and alive. Open Preview See a Problem? To excuse our undesirable behavior on these grounds does not work, for there will still be consequences.

What this chapter will try to show is that you are also not the doer of your deeds. Suffering exists, but no one who suffers. Most athletes also have moments ,eo suddenly everything clicks and they manage to perform beyond leo hartong normal capacity.