Now available in stainless steel housing (from left to right): signal converters IFC for OPTIFLUX series of EMF, MAC for OPTISENS. At KROHNE, day in and day out more than engi- neers devote their entire know-how and experience to the development of new products. Committed. The IFC signal converter is designed to measure the flow velocity, IFC signal converter can be combined with any KROHNE flow.

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KROHNE Group – Complete News

Would you like to sign in? Ambient temperature Depending on the version and combination of outputs.

If you require data that is more relevant to your specific application, please contact us or your local sales office. Diese Information hilft uns um eine professionelle Community bei Visaya aufzubauen.

Ambient pressure Chemical properties Electrical conductivity All media kdohne for water Open the catalog to page 3.

If the measuring point is difficult to access or the ambient conditions prevent the use of the compact variant, the signal converter is available The electronics can be used in all housing versions without having to be reconfigurated. Could you support me with the basic step by step to configure that?.

Multi-drop mode Yes, current output Proline Promag P Electromagnetic flowmeter The flowmeter for highest medium temperatures with genuine loop-powered technology. This magnetic field is generated by a current, flowing through a pair of field coils. Open the catalog to page 4. If you have the IFC installed correctly, then you can go to the transmitter to set up the range, unit, output, and so on. For instance, if you want analog output, then you need the type of measurement volume flow, flow speed, etc.

IFC , MAC and SMARTMAC available in stainless steel housing | KROHNE Group

Diagnostic function, conductivity measurement and simple navigation to name but a few. Inside of the fluid, a voltage U is generated: Send us your email, and we’ll send you the further instructions.

Open the catalog to page 5. Display functions Operating menu Setting Measuring system Measuring principle Application range Continuous measurement of current volume flow, flow velocity, conductivity, mass flow at constant densitycoil temperature of the measuring sensor Design Modular construction The Operating elements 4 push buttons for operator control of krihne signal converter without opening the housing.

Sind Sie bereits Mitglied? So follow the guidelines! Make sure you check the other recommendations too, such as conditions for bent pipes or pumps or whatever. Electrical connection General Electrical jfc is carried out in conformity with the VDE directive “Regulations for electrical power installations with line voltages up to V” or equivalent national specifications.

If you want to get right to it, pick the quick setup option in the menu. The Online Industrial Exhibition.

Sie finden sie in unserem Multimarken- eShop. It is a good idea to protect the converter from external heat sources such as direct sunlight as higher temperatures reduce the life cycle of all electronic components.

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Now, each option behaves differently in each menu, so take a look at this table to get the hang of it: Wir freuen uns, dass Sie ein Mitglied geworden sind! Now create your password. A signal cable is used to connect the measuring sensor and the converter for the purposes of power supply and signal processing.

Open the catalog to page 8. And that should do it! The IFC has a ivc display with an easy-to-navigate interface, but you can use krohhe handheld if you prefer. Display and user interface Graphic display LC display, backlit white. I am new in the instrumentation world, and I need to set up a new transmitter model IFC converter from Krohne. Operating conditions Temperature Process temperature Refer to technical data for the measuring sensor.

The signal converter can krohen combined with any measuring sensor, making it very widely used. Open the catalog to page 9.

Remote version in wall-mounted housing For temperature effects, vibration or in places that are difficult to access, remote installation is possible with the IFC W. The interface has four buttons: Open the catalog to page 6. Storage temperature Pressure Medium Refer to technical data for the measuring sensor. Last but not least, you can set up digital output and process input, but you need to see if your device has those options available.

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