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Winchester brass is usally the toughest so measuerments will be less while Federal is fairly soft and will show pressure signs much faster. Cooper added it Dec 17, I’m amazed how often I use my copy. I am getting my BD numbers by filling a primed case with distilled water to the top, taking the weight difference to get the case volume in cubic centimeters.

My patents are all in applied thermodynamics, and I got so numbed with the lengthy units after awhile that I got Mathcad just to let it handle all the conversions automatically. Trying to get an absolute pressure from measuring brass is like trying to get copper crusher readings with uncalibrated copper slugs; it starts with a method that is already known to be inconsistent from one test setup and technician to the next, then makes it worse with uncalibrated gauge materials and chambers that aren’t pressure barrel specification compliant.

I still use a copyright loading manual for some of the same reasons. The time now is The only constraint is that the weight units used in the VMD factory have to be the same as you are weighing the charge in.

Pet Loads the Complete Volume 4. That converts the bulk grade to cannister grade for packaging for handloaders. I just use good judgement and prudence in how I use them, typically by using reduced loads and working up.

Some excellent published material. I didn’t start it, but I mean to see it through I’m going to find them, burn their playhouse down Exercise my right to bear arms You don’t understand how serious this is.

One could take it a wwters farther and use factory velocity along with the case measurements to determine that one has not gone too far. This is Ken Waters’ monumental lifetime work in the handloading field and contains loading procedures, tables, tips, precautions and commentary; over cartridges are detailed.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. This is what fast and slow powders provide, respectively.

However, if the QL database has the bullet’s length right, then I don’t see why you have to use a seating depth of 0. It wasn’t when I was in engineering school, but hey!

Lists with This Book.

Ken Waters’ Pet Loads From Handloader – Used Books

This suggests your powder has packed down a good bit in transport, which will slow the burn rate by removing air space and constricting flame front speed through the powder mass. Return to Book Page. It also has a lot of just interesting stories about how and why he did this wqters or the other. It’s the coffee table book for reloaders. You can tell because, even though their the same Water powder, a lot of old load manual data has different minimums and maximums for the two names.

All times are GMT A very thought provoking series of articles. It’s a great read and even if the information is dated, a lot of it is still very good and Ken’s insight is worth the time to read it all.

If I hadn’t read it, I would have a lot more money in my jeans. I have tried many of Ken’s loads over the years. He used it to measure factory ammunition to get an average set of expansion figures, then used them in working up his handloads. You just want to be somewhere inside it under all conditions.

Ken Waters’ Pet Loads From Handloader Book 8th Edition

warers I have one of the first signed copies that came out. Typically, peak pressure goes up very roughly as the cube of the change in velocity. Trying to read and absorb all the knowledge here and in these books.