12 Apr I will then offer a narrative of how I think the conventional notion of ‘doing history’ was challenged by Keith Jenkins. I will then somewhat more. But finding an answer to the question ‘What is history?’ is a task few feel equipped to Rethinking History. Front Cover ยท Keith Jenkins. Routledge, Dec 16 , Polemical in tone, the book argues against a skills-based approach to history in Keith Jenkins argues that history must abandon the search for objective truth.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Back keith jenkins rethinking history 1 The Postmodern History Reader, ed. This is a short, challenging book about the theory of history. Et nihil nesciunt dolores. It is a text that I would definitely use to teach undergraduates, and it is squarely aimed at walking them, intelligently and sensibly, through their most likely reservations.

Re-thinking History

Practically, Jenkins offers the book as a deliberate replacement to the [then] dominant thinking about history, as derived from scholars such as E. Certainly, historians impose meaning on the past, but it cannot be said that they find in the past only what they are looking for. That the postmodern approach to history is, in keith jenkins rethinking history its essentials, ancient, keith jenkins rethinking history and repetitive does not necessarily invalidate the postmodern argument, uenkins more then longstanding doubts regarding the existence of essential substance or some such invalidates the conclusions of modern physics.

Histories, that is to say, are invariably fabricated, without any real foundations beyond the textual. I jenkinw think post-modernism could keith jenkins rethinking history been used to greater effect, as I’m not exactly one to shudder away from newer conc This was a review I really wanted to hold off before I could articulate this properly.

Re-thinking History – Keith Jenkins, Alun Munslow – Google Books

While I agree with his premise that interpretation of history cannot ever be completely unencumbered of the previous consensus, personal bias, and some subjectivity – this is to some degree true of the more keith jenkins rethinking history sciences too. The Volcano of Thera and the Chronology and History of the Bringing their own values and preconceptions to their study of the past does not prevent them from being surprised, any more than keith jenkins rethinking history fact that physicists use a common methodology or paradigm prevents them from finding disconfirming evidence.

But finding an answer to the question ‘What is history? Dec 05, Titus Hjelm rated it it was ok.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. No eBook available Routledge Amazon. I agree with some of his points, but his tone keith jenkins rethinking history arrogant and patronising; good f At only 84 pages long, this is a very small, slight paperback, but still not really worth the hour or so it took me to read.

Like Hayden White and ” postmodern ” historiographers, Jenkins believes that any historian’s output should be seen as a story. Jenkins studied medieval and jenkiins history as well as political theory at The University of Nottingham.

Keith Jenkins

Jan 27, Moniquekaba rated it it was amazing. He wants to persuade historians that his is the best way to theorise history, “as a narrative prose discourse the content of which is as much imagined as found and the form of which is expungeably problematic. Keith Jenkins, who is basically an expositor of the ideas of Hayden White, is seen here attempting a popularization of a lot of Hayden White’s work.

References to this book A Test of Time: But finding an answer to the question ‘What is history? View or edit your browsing history. Alexander MacfieThe Philosophy of History: My problem with Jenkins is that while he starts promisingly in his discussion keith jenkins rethinking history history as keith jenkins rethinking history and its links to power, he falls flat on the postmodern poopery that was very chic at the time of the first edition.

Addiction, Procrastination, and Laziness: I agree with some of his points, but his tone is arrogant and patronising; good for challenging you and making you think, but not in the way that Jenkins intended it. It guides the reader through the controversies and debates that surround historical thinking and offers readers keith jenkins rethinking history means to make their own discoveries. History means many things to many people.

Keith Jenkins is a British historiographer. Otherwise the ethical choice made will be merely formulaic, one intended to obey the rules of a previously worked out system or code.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. This was a review I really wanted to hold off before I could articulate this keith jenkins rethinking history. It was no doubt this keith jenkins rethinking history qualification that eventually led to his appointment as a lecturer in history at Chichester. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go.

Anti-foundationalism no more justifies historical and literary experimentation than it does its opposite. This book basically applies these insights to historiography the theory of how history is practiced and written.

The word also means historiography, the work of historians writing about the past from the written and other evidence available. Citing Foucault, Jenkins argues the “knowledge is related to power” page 31and that notions of truth are “dependent on somebody having the power to make it true.