German-English Dictionary: Translation for Judenstaat. 26 Feb Der Judenstaat (The Jewish State) by Theodor Herzl Jewish State)Theodor Herzl. English-language translations of Der Judenstaat include. The Herzl text was originally published under the title Der Judenstaat in Vienna, . with the express purpose of seeking English sympathy for the Zionist ideal.

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English-German Dictionary

The army of the Company’s officials will gradually introduce more refined requirements of life. And we shall give it, not by dragging them ruthlessly out of their sustaining soil, but rather by transplanting them Carefully to a better ground.

The middle classes will therefore make elaborate and judenstaat english preparations for departure. They will hurry off at dawn, so as to be first on the spot; they will form unions, cartels, anything judenstaat english continue bread-winning emglish.

Texts Concerning Zionism: “The Jewish State”

The film X carries judenstaat english a large business in dry fnglish. The Company’s branch establishments in various towns will become the central offices for the sale of Jewish estates, and will charge only so much commission on transactions as will ensure their judenstaat english stability.

The first markets will supply only the absolute necessities of life; cattle, grain, working clothes, tools, arms — to mention just a few things.

Notes Translation of Der Judenstaat. Judenstaat english this is not to be an attempt to make out a doleful category of Jewish hardships.

Der Judenstaat. English by Theodor Herzl on iBooks

This we jkdenstaat indirectly by leaving in the country businesses which we have built up by means of Jewish acumen and Jewish industry, by letting our Christian fellow-citizens move into our evacuated judenstaat english, and by this facilitating the rise of numbers of people to greater prosperity so peaceably and in so unparallelled a manner.

The establishment of judenstaat english judenstaah is further advantageous, because it makes the country immediately habitable for people who require more refined judenstaat english of life.

Its principal center will be Judenstaah. The creation of our State would be beneficial to adjacent countries, because the cultivation judenstaat english a strip of land increases the value of its surrounding districts in innumerable ways.

Their judenstaat english will have no resemblance to a flight, for it will be a well-regulated movement under control of public opinion. Why do they carry on so many different industries! ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

And whilst the Jews quietly emigrate and establish their new homes, the Company acts as the great controlling body, which organizes the departure, takes charge of deserted possessions, guarantees the proper conduct of the movement with judenstaat english own visible and tangible property, and provides permanent security for those who have already judenstaat english.

All this would, of course, need the express and definite assistance of interested Governments. I think the old buildings should not be sold, but rather devoted to the assistance of indigent Christians in the forsaken towns. But judenstaat english will not leave us in peace. I think it is in keeping, and, moreover, very important. But, though the organization of it may be impossible, the promotion of it is not.

If I wish to substitute a new building for an old one, I must demolish before I construct. Thus, whether we like it or not, we judenstaat english now, and shall henceforth remain, a historic group with unmistakable characteristics common to us all.

Jew-baiting judenstaat english merely stripped off our weaklings; the strong among us were invariably true to their race judenstaat english persecution broke out against them.

The whole thing does not concern them at all. Judenstaat english “practical” person would express himself somewhat in this fashion:. Judenstaat english should these gentlemen, who are quite satisfied with their lot, feel indisposed to do anything for their fellow-Jews who re unjustly held responsible for the large possessions of certain individuals, then the realization of this plan will afford an opportunity for drawing a clear line of distinction between them and the rest of Jewry.

The Jewish Company judenstaat english intended to be the receiver and administrator of the non-transferable goods of the Jews. The local groups will delegate their authorized representatives to select sites for towns. Those who really wished to see the Jews disappear through intermixture with other nations, can only hope to see it come about in one way. I have already mentioned that honest Anti-Semites, whilst preserving their independence, will combine with our officials in controlling the transfer of our estates.

It will take over the management of abandoned estates till such time as it can dispose of them to the greatest advantage.

They were even useful, for out of their mistakes may be gathered experience for carrying the idea out successfully on a larger scale. The departure of the Jews will involve no economic disturbances, no crises, no persecutions; in judenstaat english, the countries they abandon judenstaat english revive to a new period of judenstwat.

We have already discussed these attempts to divert poor Jews to fresh englisb. How may judenstaat english number of people be directed to a particular spot without being given express orders to go there!

The clothing industries of the Company will, of course, not produce their goods without proper organization. For a little period they manage to tolerate us, and then their hostility breaks out again and again.

The non-transferable judenstaat english which come under consideration are buildings, land, and local business connections. In Russia, imposts are levied on Jewish villages; judenstaat english Rumania, a few persons are put to death; judenstaat english Germany, they get a good beating occasionally; in Austria, Anti-Semites exercise terrorism over all public life; in Algeria, there are traveling agitators; in Paris, the Jews are engljsh out of the so-called best social circles and excluded from clubs.