Jilly Cooper is a journalist, author and media superstar. The author of many number one bestselling was appointed OBE in for services to. The Rutshire Chronicles is the name given to a series of romantic novels by Jilly Cooper. Riders (); Rivals (; also known as Players); Polo (); The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (); Appassionata (); Score! (). Rivals is a novel by the English author Jilly Cooper. It is the second of the Rutshire Chronicles, a series of books set in the fictional English county of Rutshire.

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Rutshire Chronicles – Wikipedia

Sign up to our newsletter using your email. Everyone is sleeping with everyone, friends are sleeping with their friend’s wives and yet they shrug it off and say “I drove her to it. I am already looking forward to read Book 3 in the series Polo and can’t wait to see how it continues for Rupert and hopefully I’ll also meet some of the other characters again.

You love to hate the people in the book but then you find yourself liking them in the end The first version of Riders was written bybut shortly after Cooper had finished it, she took it with her into the West End of London and left the manuscript on a bus. And of course Rupert and Taggie – that says it all.

Rutshire Chronicles

One of the biggest riivals that I picked up this book was to find out what happened with Rupert’s wronged wife Helen. India KnightVirago,a collection of favourite “dirty bits” from novels Knight read as a teenager. There is the usual humour, bed swapping antics and great jill that I love Cooper’s novels for.

Please help by adding reliable sources. So there is a bonkbuster before anyone had heard about Christian Grey.

It’s very educational though.

Views Read Edit View history. As with all Jilly Cooper’s “bonkbusters” there are multiple plotlines going rvials and we get involved in the lives of many different characters. There is one person who is irredeemable in my eyes, and this is Maud O’Hara – she is selfish and shows both lack of judgement and bitter jealousy.

But when Jeremy invites Welsh firebrand Gareth Llewellyn along for the ride, Octavia finds her plans disrupted in more ways than one.

Riders, Polo and Rivals are jlily favourite from the chronicles. Rivals Into the cut-throat world of Corinium television comes Declan O’Hara, a mega-star of great glamour and integrity. Refresh and try again. The only slight dissapointment is the lack of references to horses and show jumping compared to Riders.

Rivals (novel) – Wikipedia

Fear not, I hear Polo rectifies this and it is certainly on my list of books to read next since technically it is still summer eventhough I am no longer on holiday. The editor of The Sunday Times Magazine asked her to write a feature about her experiences. Listening to very bad narration givals you realize how much of the delights of Cooper’s novels come from her plays on language and her whip-sharp understanding of how class, culture and language intermingle.

The very best of Jilly’s fiction IMO. Mar 30, Catherine Robertson rated it it was amazing. What I did enjoy was how the author was able to set up some truly aw I’m not really a fan of “chick-lit” but Rivals had some truly hilarious moments in it.

Like, actually in love. It is currently being run by the jully and coopper Tony, who is quite sure he will be able to keep the franchise. As the competition between rival television companies intensifies, Rupert finds himself growing more and more in love with Taggie under the guise of a platonic friendship. For the most part, Riders and Rivals fills the bill. It’s all my fault” etc etc. I loved the story and thought the writing style was absolutely fantastic.

It makes me disappointed that Taggie doesn’t appear more often in later books, she’s a lot feistier than I thought. She is most famous jklly writing the six blockbuster novels the Rutshire Chronicles.

The London Evening Standard put out an appeal, but it was never found. Octavia is one of Cooper’s “name” books, which each bear a female character’s name and has been made into a television adaptation. My favorite was Cameron, the high-powered, bitchy, ambitious, American television producer.

The rest of the book couldn’t quite live up to my multiple reads and 5 star rating. The plot, however, is always so serpentine If you enjoy broad satire, have a bit of a clue about the British class system and are open to novels that lead you on goose trails with hijinks and shenanigans all the way to a neatly and delightful ending, you can’t do better than Jilly Cooper.

The only one who is not horrible in some way is sweet, misunderstood Taggie, whom everyone takes advantage of. The sleazy decadance would have rid me of any romantic illusions, or rather, delusions, and perhaps prevented me from learning the hard way. Rupert was never faithful to his first wife, Helen, even when he though he was in love with her. View all 3 comments. Because Rupert finds true love! The O’Hara’s are such a loveable family, and I am no I always come back to Jilly Cooper when I am sad, ill, dealing with a little hearbreak.

Jilly, my affection for you has lead me to keep reading, way, way past the point when you became unreadable.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Along with his friends, disgruntled Corinium employees and people Tony has pissed off too often, Declan sets up a rival station, determin Tony Baddingham runs Corinium TV with an iron hand, but is more interested in making money than making programmes. But of course, I loved Cinderella aka Taggie. I read this on and off whenever I need a brain holiday.