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27 abr. Howard Gardner A inteligência. A teoria das iteligências múltiplas. Os estágios de desenvolvimeto da inteigência. Inteligências Múltiplas. 11 Jun Transcript of Inteligências múltiplas Inteligências múltiplas Howard Gardner Linguística Lógico matemática Pessoal e intrapessal. 17 jan. A Teoria das Inteligências Múltiplas de Howard Gardner Os Oito Tipos de Inteligência São competências que se desenvolvem ao longo da.

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In order to assess translation competence focusing on inteligencias multiplas intelligence, teachers could offer learners the choice of translating a recorded passage, rather than a printed one, or ask them to associate a given text to a song to illustrate its rhythm, syntactic patterns, and even its “mood”. Allowing some candidates to use laptops would give them an advantage over candidates who don’t. Check out this article to learn more or inteligencias multiplas your system administrator.

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While both Gardner and Armstrong focus the application of the theory on elementary and secondary students, who are children and adolescents, translation students are mostly adults 18 or older. Maria Julia Sainza researcher in Translation Studies with special focus on translation assessment, proposes a student-centered approach to inteligencias multiplas of translations.

This means that teachers can now add a new role to their traditional ones: However, new winds have begun to blow, and the last inteligencias multiplas have brought new epistemological and psychological perspectives which are having a great impact on all levels of education. However, translator training institutions are becoming increasingly aware that assessment should not be seen as the end of a process, nor should it inteligencias multiplas reduced to the reporting of simple marks; it is rather a multi-faceted picture of a relationship between the inteligencias multiplas, the student and the scholastic environment as seen from the teacher’s perspective KIRALY, Delete comment or cancel.

Candidates will be notified only whether they pass or fail; if they pass, they will not see their exam, but if they fail, the Certification Review inteligencias multiplas allows them to see their exam and the marked errors. Delete inteligencias multiplas or cancel.

The eight human intellectual competences Gardner has identified so far are: In the last decade, research into evaluation in Translation Studies has increased, as the number of articles in journals, book chapters, and conference papers may well show, but far from inteligencias multiplas booming scale of research into other aspects of translation or translator training. Add a personal note: He advises that if inteligencias multiplas expect inteligencias multiplas assessments, marks and evaluations to provide valuable information about students’ learning progress inteligencias multiplas teachers, future employers and the students themselves, then our assessments i.

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Cancel Reply 0 characters used from the allowed. As in all educational environments, “the periodic inteligencias multiplas well as terminal end-of-program determination of students’ progress toward learning goals is a major concern for translator education institutions” KIRALY,inteligencias multiplas.

One of the teachers’ roles is to help learners develop a critical apparatus that will make them independent, confident translators. The resulting text is then graded by the teacher with little room for negotiation; few or no questions are asked about the individual intellectual processes that may have determined the final products. Send the link below via email or IM. Quality multiolas in school vs. By the same token, if inteligencias multiplas main focus is the bodily-kinesthetic intelligence, learning assessment can accordingly involve mime and dramatization.

A inteligencias multiplas list of candidate intelligences was intellgencias by converging evidence from these different sources. He believes that such a setting is hardly the ideal one “for the development of a muultiplas self-concept, the conceptualization of oneself as a professional translator”p.

To reach this goal, it is imperative to create situations liable to shift to learners part inteligencias multiplas the responsibilities that teachers tend to take on. As far as accreditation and other national or international exams are concerned, the situation is quite similar. inteligencias multiplas

21 best INTELIGENCIAS MULTIPLAS images on Pinterest | Brené brown, Citizenship and Daniel o’connell

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with inteligencias multiplas be able to recover it again. For a process-oriented methodology inteligencias multiplas translation teaching.

Services on Demand Journal. He also defined certain basic “tests” to verify if an ability could really be considered a inteligencias multiplas intelligence rather than simply a talent, or a gift, or an ability.

For instance, some students have been asking to read aloud the translated text for the teacher alone or before their classmates, in order to be able to “perform” the translated text and better convey what they had in mind with the help of reading patterns, stress, pitch, and body language. Rio de Janeiro, Beyond the ivory tower: To do so, it is necessary to understand better such differences, which have not been the focus of research into translation education, inteligencias multiplas were the object of a groundbreaking study in the area of cognitive psychology that resulted in the theory inteligencias multiplas multiple intelligences also referred to as M.

Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. Present to your audience. Gardner’s theory challenges “the classical view of intelligence that most of us inteligencias multiplas absorbed explicitly from psychology or education texts or implicitly by living in a culture with a strong but possibly circumscribed view of intelligence ” GARDNER,p.

Diagrama Inteligências Múltiplas (trad.) | Learner Centered Theories and Practices | Pinterest

Data have been collected in classes of undergraduate students of technical translation at PUC’s translator training program; some evaluation strategies are currently being tested and inteligencias multiplas. Evaluation and translation, p. Postmodernism and the Teaching of Translation.

Theory of multiple intelligences; Howard Gardner. Teaching translation inteligencias multiplas interpreting 3. They are allowed to bring dictionaries of their choice to the exam sitting.

As Don Kiralyp. As it is, grades usually result from inteligencias multiplas same tasks or assignments, in order to ensure fair evaluation in apparently equal conditions.

Inteligenclas to the Association’s website, errors generally fall into one or more of the following inteligencias multiplas And just as M. In tune with this shift from a teacher-centered to a learner-centered pedagogy, it is to be expected that the evaluation of translations has also started inteligencias multiplas inteliegncias account the learners’ purposes and motivations in each translation task. We expect that this novel approach to evaluation in translator training courses may bring a least a few benefits to all the parties concerned: Please log in to add your comment.

Concluding remarks The implementation of this pedagogy and multipas is no simple matter.