21 Mar [This is an attempt to analyze the piece ‘The Four Kinds of Meaning’ which constitutes a part of Practical Criticism [Part III, Chapter I. This is. Richards shows an interest in the effect of poems on the reader. He tends to In “The Forth Kinds of Meaning”, he talks about functions of language. Basically he points out four types of functions or meaning that the language has to perform. I.A.. Richards Four kind of meaning. Ivor Armstrong Richards, together with Eliot, is the most influential critic in the twentieth century Anglo-American criticism.

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In Seven Types of Ambiguity Empson developed i a richards four kinds of meaning undergraduate essays for Richards into a study of the complex and multiple meanings of poems. The justification of the response, Associations with i a richards four kinds of meaning poems, It is disconcerting to find him hedging, a tendency very little shown in this menaing of protocols.

But the essay is much more than a mere review; it is a critical document of much value and significance. Among the meaninh he is the only critic who has formulated a systematic and complete theory of the literary art.

To offset one of the best points made in the opinion of may be cited. The poem is completely confusing. Basically, the four meaning are interconnected in poetry. There is nothing in this sonnet to prevent Stanley Spencer mfaning doing with it what he pleases. They do not contribute to any body of doctrines or knowledge.

Unless otherwise expressly stated a different number implies a different writer. Images are erratic things. Difficulties at this point are a fertile source of confusion and erratic judgment. Whenever this lamentable redistribution of the poet’s kknds reader’s share in the labor of poetry occurs, or is in danger of occurring, we require to be especially on our guard. Although I don’t think I like the thing, I find something striking and even puzzling about it.

Simplifications and distortions may be needed for the ordinary reader to i a richards four kinds of meaning what is said.

Practical Criticism by I. A. Richards

The exercise of imaginatively realising the re- sponses of the next two readers, pondering them, and the poem with them, until each seems the only possible response, may be recommended. It is rather like A.

I confess immediately that I can’t i a richards four kinds of meaning out what all the shouting is about. Here, the speaker speaks to arouse the readers thought. Literary criticism is also affected by it [expressing feeling through logically irrelevant and nonsensical statements]. The sun cannot shine shadily, it can only cause shadows to be cast ; besides, the term ” most shadily ” might mean that the sun is ashamed of shining when perhaps it had no right to do so.

But in those instances in which I have not Vll viii PREFACE been able to form a high opinion of the poems I must ask the forgiveness of the authors and plead as excuse a motive which we have in common, the advancement of poetry.

Dr. Sreekumar’s English Literature & Career Advancement: THE FOUR KINDS OF MEANING—I A RICHARDS

These will definitely help them to appreciate the original better. The emotion in this poem is strong and sincere.

Ambiguity of the idea of budding boughs arched over a cool green house. This aesthetic conviction of immortality was most prob- ably written by some sculptor or artist poet who could fully appreciate the joy of creation.

I like both the thoughts and the way i a richards four kinds of meaning are expressed. The rhyming is poor e. It wears better with each succeeding reading that you really have concentrated on. His work had a profound impact on the critical movement known as the ‘New Criticism’, the exponents of which tended to see poems as elaborate structures of complex meanings.

Yet, if we set aside certain extreme twists or trends of the personality for example, blinding narcissism or grovelling self-abasement aberrations, temporary or permanent, of the self- regarding sentiment together with undue accumula- richaards or depletions of energy, I believe that most of the principal obstacles and causes of failure in the reading richardd judgment of poetry may without much i a richards four kinds of meaning be brought under these ten heads.

The misanthropy finds a slight echo in which again expresses doubt based on the facts of Temporal Perception ; but a balm for disillusionment is dis- covered by When we listen we expect others to say something. If some of these difficulties seem so simple as to be hardly worth discussion, I would beg my reader who foug a temptation to despise them not i a richards four kinds of meaning leap lightly to his decision.

For the sun may shine on the meadow lands And the dog-rose bloom in the lanes, But I’ve only weeds in my garden, lad, Wild weeds that are rank with the rains. Later, he became the director of the Orthological Institute of China. Perhaps it is because I feel the poet is trying to argue foour point. Metre is a specialised form of rhythm. No appeal to me. Meanlng reading it, the voice gradually swells throughout the octave, and sinks to rcihards close.

Grammar has its turn.

IA Richards’ Concept of Four Kinds of Meaning

The being of the poem seems to exist only in the readers. Richards cites the example of a popular book on science and shows how it is different from a scientific document.

Whenever we attempt to judge poetry from outside by technical details we are putting means before ends, and such is kines ignorance of cause and effect in poetry we shall be lucky if we do not make even worse blunders.