The Line of Beauty has ratings and reviews. Jessica said: I started this last night, heading home after one of the most dreadful evenings in. Alfred Hickling on sex and snorting in Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty. Everyone who has read The Line of Beauty will recall the party at which the young protagonist, Nick Guest, dances with Mrs Thatcher. Before.

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He holds his host family, the Feddens, in a hushed awe, as he observes the move about their daily life. Retrieved from ” https: Their green door must be painted blue, lest The Great Lady assume they’re environmentalists.

It touches on public and private selves, love, beauty, all rather grandiose themes, in a startlingly humorous and down-to-earth manner. Ultimately, this becomes essential to the plot, but for a long time it seems merely an authorial device.

Beauty is a heartless god, the book admits, but impossible to deny. Perhaps this might have been because of the book’s vivid topography of certain parts of London though others disagreed about this. The beaauty middle was book-ended by some wonderfully flagrant and emotional moments. What was never shown in that particular work of British manners and bourgeois life is found nestled here. I found him pathetic, to be honest, and even though I felt that Hollinghurst purposely presented him as unsympathetic, I couldn’t make myself go along for the ride.

Review: The Line of Beauty by Alan Hollinghurst | Books | The Guardian

Hollinghurst can produce inane social banter as well as incisive social analysis. There are so many book DNF at about pg The author said that this was the one Evelyn Waugh novel that he did not much like, and that he slightly resented being “saddled with Brideshead ” — and yet he admitted that there was something in the parallel.

This included a photograph of the immensely tall and awkward Gilmour dancing with Mrs Thatcher — an image that inspired the memorable episode in the novel where Nick leads the Prime Minister on to the dance floor in front of her appalled, envious acolytes.

For the television adaptation, see The Line of Beauty miniseries. I feel like you tend to see this problem more in short story books; it’s less forgivable in a novel. I should and have to do what it feels right to do for myself at the moment. The Line of Beauty – Section two, June I am the only one who is judging my DNF.

The Line of Beauty

He can’t shake the sense that he’s only playacting, that his ambiguous status in the Feddens’ house and in his lover’s life is symptomatic of some deeper failure to be an adult. The Ogee organisation is in fact no more than a rich boy’s distraction – part production company, part publishing house, but really no more than a nebulous excuse for its directors to Hoover up vast quantities of cocaine.

The novel explores the question of whether a gay man can remain apolitical in a homophobic society. As Leo lives with his religious mother and Nick feels restricted hollinghurstt the Fedden household the two conduct their sexual affair almost entirely outside in public parks and side streets.

And Waugh had been bequty to it. Order by newest oldest recommendations. For beautiful prose, this book tries but does hollingburst hit the mark. I liked it and I was eager to continue. Jul 13, Helle rated it really lime it Shelves: Jollinghurst were a few in here, man Despite having read most of the Booker winners I had been oddly reluctant to tackle this one, partly because I had heard about its graphic descriptions of gay sex and that is just not a subject that interests me.

Nick dates Leo Charles, a black man from Willesden in his late 20s, whom he meets through a lonely hearts column.

Between the lines

Leo has disappeared from the story. I’m nervous about all this gushing because I don’t want everyone to run out and get this and then be like, “What’s your problem, Jessica? Why didn’t it tell me? In the gap between paragraphs, Nick has had sex. Ostensibly, they’re movie producers, but mostly they watch pornography, pick up young men, and hollinguurst cocaine a different “line of beauty”.

I am holding my mug underneath the cow’s teat here, I guess, while Farmer Alan squirts this magical substance in. The sex wasn’t shocking but it did get tiresome- I’d rather have learned more bauty the families.

This part beajty newness and freshness, there is an expectation of love and an air of innocence though the way Nick loses his virginity is far from romanticism. Anyway, the way he makes this guy and the relationship I developed with him as the reader was just awesome in the older sense of the term.

In the first section of the novel, Wani was a beautiful, alluring object of fascination; now he is Nick’s occasional sexual partner.