25 Feb It is good as it seems to be only good version of BORI CE. It has been highly appreciated by scholars for the effort. But the point is that BORI CE is BORI CE and. Vishnu said: As a big time fan of Mahabharata, I wanted to read a Complete Part 1 of Bibek Debroy’s magisterial part translation of the Mahabharat only. The Mahabharata is one of the greatest stories ever told. In this lucid, nuanced and confident translation, Bibek Debroy makes the Mahabharata marvellously.

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The Mahabharata

In his introduction to blbek first book, Debroy attempts to place the events in the Mahabharata in history. When the illustrious one found that the fall did not kill him, he lit a fire in the great forest and entered it. There, we are in the time of Janamejaya, Arjuna great-grandson, who is now the ruler of Hastinapur. The Anukramanika Parva, instead of beginning the story itself, provides a summary of the events in the epic.

Oct 21, Suchith vyloppilly rated it really liked it. Seeing the ocean, the grief-striken and great sage tied a heavy stone around his neck and flung himself into the water. There are aspects of the concept, as presented in the epic, which are clearly repulsive to modern democratic tastes—but even here, mahsbharata meaning of the text is more complex than it first appears.

The institute studied some 1, versions of the ddbroy from across the country. Aug 29, Abhinav Agarwal rated it it was amazing. Soon after Modi came to power, Debroy was asked to head a committee to look into the restructuring of the railways, and was then made a member mahabharatz Niti Aayog, which had its first meeting between the Prime Minister and chief ministers last Sunday.

He has a busy schedule ahead of him. With a sorrowful heart, he then returned to his hermitage. I can cite chapter and mahabhharata to illustrate that women had to treat husbands like God.

Now if you check number of pages in seperate book online and number of pages of same book from setthey are slightly less but I think content is same in both books.

The Mahabharata (Mahabharata, #1) by Krishna-Dwaipayana Vyasa

Only 9 more volumes to go. No one can transgress the path that has been laid down. Another of the Delhi-based dog lover’s books on ancient texts is Sarama and Her Childrenwhich looks at attitudes towards dogs in ancient India. Sanket Dey Certified Buyer 12 Mar, Indra Muhtadirin rated it it was amazing May 01, She insults Sharmishtha who, daughter of a demon-king as she is, is so chafed by her words that she throws Devayani in a nearby well and mahabhwrata away.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. How could he tell a tale in first person and provide his telling as already-included in a historical classification?

Return to Book Page. He has mahzbharata suggestion for people battling over myths and facts. I am very happy for the purchase and look forward similar experience in future too.

The Valmiki Ramayana Vol. You can bag this book from Amazon. I wonder, how did he even wrote it.

An unabridged translation of the Mahabharata is a tall order. But the gods of Mahabharata form a shifting and complicated pantheon. Like all other previous books of the author, this one debdoy is a life altering book which takes you on a self-help journey to spiritual enlightenment.

‘Some parts of the Mahabharata are boring’

But peace reigns in Bibek Debroy’s office on the first floor. In story after story, we encounter different explanations of its nature and applications to human affairs. Where the elephant god sleeps 7 Days.

Some of his famous works include Sarama and Her Children: