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27 Nov Bhokal. तंत्र और तलवार के धनी भोकाल की अभी तक प्रकाशित सभी कॉमिक्स की सूची निम्नलिखित है |. Issue No. 30 Nov List of all published comics of Bhokal Not all comics are available in the store at all times. Comic’s Name, Publication Date, Price, Pages. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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Bhokal is a fictional superhero appearing in Raj Comics. This page ocmics last edited on 20 Septemberat The legendary winged prince landed on earth in an important private mission and descended in Vikasnagar. In order to publish something for the kids, Raj comics has started publishing a new series namely Pari Rakshak Bhokal.

Bhokal Bhokal as in “Guru Bhokal” bjokal. Bhokal is a warrior who lives in a fictional fabled land. The original name of Bhokal is Rajkumar Alop and the character was first featured in a 7 comic series along with Tureen, Atikrur and Shootan, who are his friends. Nitin Mishra, it is written by Mr.

Retrieved from ” https: Bhokal can summon the ‘Bhokal-Shakti’, the power of his teacher, Mahaguru Bhokal, by hailing his name in battle, shouting ‘Jai Mahaguru Bhokal’. This Bhokal is entirely different from the original one but has the same powers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He emerged as the passionate defender of Vikasnagar. The Shield is capable of blocking ocmics physical or supernatural attack and also allows its wielder to fly via the Shield.

Here is the list of Bhokal’s major enemies:. Bhokal can beckon the power of his teacher Mahaguru Bhokal.

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Fictional Indian people Indian comics Raj Comics superheroes. He acquires super-human physical attributes, apart from receiving the mystical Sword and Shield of his master. Character pop Converting comics character infoboxes.

Lalit Singh and Mr. He descended to earth to take part in a fighting tournament and landed in Vikasnagar, becoming a zealous defender of the people of Vikasnagar. Views Read Edit View history. Nitin Mishra is writing the origin series for Bhokal, Dhikkar and Antardwand were its debut issues which were illustrated by Mr. The Sword is capable of cutting through most of the then-known materials and elements, making it one of the greatest weapons of its time.

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Incomputable enemies of Bhokal have appeared in Bhokal’s comics; many died, but some lived on to appear again. And story also takes place in the present Rc universe. In issues ‘Dhikkar’ and ‘Antardwand’ Bhokal battles to retain his powers as well as find and clear name of his biological father ‘Yuddheshthveer’.

He once wielded the weapon Prahara on his forehead, in memory of its previous owner and Bhokal’s deceased wife, Turin. He is a legendary winged warrior prince of a fictional fabled Parilok fairyland. The sword has unique attributes and is able to slice and cut through any elements and materials.

One of the main plotlines includes his battle bholal Fuchang who was responsible for the murder of his parents. Bhokal as in “Guru Bhokal” series. Real name Rajkumar Alop Prince AlopBhokal appeared first in a seven comic series along with his friends Tureen with whom he falls in loveShootan and Atikrur.

It granted him psychic powers. Tureen is also the love interest of Bhokal.

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It can also be used to emit ‘Jwala-Shakti’, a mystical fire from its edge, which is known to burn away almost anything in a matter of seconds. This power, known as Bhokal Shakti, can be summoned by calling his name during combats and battles by shouting Jai Mahaguru Bhokal.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He killed his rival Fuchang who was responsible for death of his parents. Yugaandhar is illustrated by Mr. Privacy Policy Contact Us Disclaimer.