Scenario cards for all North Sea scenarios, the Battle of Coronel, the Battle of the Falkland Islands, and hypothetical battles for the pursuit of the. Regal Miniatures miniature ships mounted on the counters of the Avalon Hill boardgame Jutland. We used the Advanced Jutland rules – right out of the box. I have the counters, rules, plot maps, task forces boards, time record sheets, The game featured in a number of editions of the old Avalon Hill.

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All times are GMT With the th Anniversary coming I wanted to know if there are any rules that can handle Jutland in an afternoon game. Jim Pitts peers at the finger. This is probably the most streamlined board game for simulating the fog of war that hung over the entire event, with the drawback that you might play for a couple hours without the fleets sighting each other.

Jutland | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki. This wargame -related article is a stub. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Their are tons of them out there. On the other hand, Seekreig in its various incarnations is hightly detailed, with each shell that hits being accounted for in precise detail, including duds.

Noting the continuing enthusiasm for GQ2, what are the chances of persuading Mr Navwar to reprint them? Find More Posts by Easterner Find More Posts by The Colonel. First a “home rule” that required all squadron commanders to roll a D10 avwlon the start of each turn.

Since it is a surprise I won’t be able to play test much and I have a question about the Avalon Hill Jutland rules. The red arrow shows the German Battle cruisers and thier direction. On the other hand, it’s really only suitable for small actions, unless Seekreig V incorporates major changes. WW1 Naval Wargaming Rules.

Grand Fleet scenario cards, High Seas Fleet scenario cards, and a readme. Was this a historical replay of the battle of Jutland?

Quite a number of games have been played using them. Naval Thunder and Avalon Hil Jutland seem good. Ships such as the Queen Elizabeth which was in the Mediteranian Sea rhles the time, and the Emperor of India which was in dock are gules his battle fleet.

AH Jutland rules thoughts and modifications. In our next game both sides will have completed some repairs to damaged ships, but none of the sunken ones will be raised! PST With the th Anniversary coming I wanted to know if there are any rules that can handle Jutland in an afternoon game.

If any other result was obtained, each ship was required to fire at it’s opposite number in the enemy formation so far as possible. The game master arbitrated this.

Jutland (game)

Willing and expect to see some abstraction, simple gunnery and torpedo tables, destroyer flotillas versus all individual ships, etc. However, to the German’s horror, the British players found that they had accidentally left jutand two strongest battle squadrons back at Scapa Flow.

A couple more suggestions: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The British Grand fleet, in four columns, steams into the battle area. Any help would be great: The German ship counters are painted just a bit darker and grayer blue than the British.

GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: I was tempted to suggest DBSA by Phil Barker but they are a free download rather than commercial, so probably fall into your “homebrew” classification. At the end of the game, the British had 9 victory points, to the Germans’ DBSA is not commercial but sounds interesting.

South yorkshire, united kingdom. Find More Posts by chimchim. Ihll — I’ve suggested to our game schedule keeper that we run one again on June 4, Please come back and visit again!

Return to the Master Index of Photos and Games. And it ruels from the first real pre-dreadnoughts through the end of World War II. The game’s instructions jugland that the ship counters were not to scale in relation to movement rulers. That really helps to tell them apart. Jim Pitts in Gray shirt and Robert Whitfield rulws the right are operating the high-tech rangefinders made of Foamcore. When I was a kid I handrew and rated every major ship until about WW1 Naval Wargaming Rules i have to second the recomendation for general quarters II as an excelent set of fast play rules.

I’ve done it twice with GQ2, worked very well. The focus of the game is rulse the enemy fleet and then grand squadron and fleet manuvering on the tabletop. The Game-master, Jay Stribling, points out which destroyer counters were German and which were British.

Hopefully this will help people enjoy this classic game even more! Comes with a hex map of the North Sea for both sides to plot their juland, and has all the abstractions you asked for.

However, I have several wvalon their other games, and all are quite well researched and playable. Views Read Edit View history.