The bath viscosity is close to that of water with little or no organic solvents in the coating bath. Another characteristic of the Autophoretic® coating process is that. Autophoretic Coating Process is a waterborne process in which organic polymeric emulsion gets chemically deposited on the surface of a clean metal substrate. Has anyone ever used or know anything about the Autophoretic® Coating Process? Thomas Moffitt. Massachusett’s Office of. Technical Assistance, Boston, MA.

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Autophoretic Coating vs. E-Coating (CED)

Coatings Corrosion Materials science Printing. Views Read Edit View history.

Rather, you need to study which is better for you, starting with the needs of the specific product. We have two lines running with ACC. This page was last edited on 13 Aprilat This allows the coating dispersion to flow into and around the most complex shapes. In our region actually several plants are coating truck frames.

Coatings may be autophoretic coating process as liquidsgases or solids. Autodeposition and hot dip coating are based on two different coating principles. My understanding is that Autophoretic coating autophoretic coating process corrosion autophoretic coating process but is usually black and is usually not considered a decorative finish at the present state of the art.

Autophoretic® Coating Process

Presently, there are numerous installations in operation, both captive and job-shop, coating a variety of fabricated steel parts for the automotive and general autophoretic coating process markets.

You can simply contact Henkel to receive cost comparison. The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional, or both.

The autophoretic process is a special process marketed by a major chemical company. Although I spent autophoretic coating process whole career in metal finishing, it would be a huge exaggeration to call me an expert in autophoretic vs.

Second line has just been commissioned for heavy vehicle brake plates. The mildly acid bath liberates autophoretic coating process small amount of iron from the steel parts being immersed, causing an immediate surface reaction that releases iron ions.

Autophoretic Coating Plants, Autophoretic Coating Plant, Manufacturer, India

I just read what I wrote above and I am not sure why I said what I did. The chemical reaction continues in the second layer, which results in film deposition and increased film thickness instead of solids loss to dragout.

Hello It will be autophoretic coating process more accurate when you apply the comparison parameters in your actual case, Comparison Parameters like: Common roll-to-roll coating processes include:. Look up coating in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Initially, the deposition process is quite rapid, but slows down as the film increases in autophoretic coating process.

I know that these two processes are not the same. A roll of substrate, when wound through the coating machine, is typically called autophoretic coating process web. In some speciality shops the costing method of painting truck and car frames is powder coating. This forum is for technical discussions, not promotion of one technology over another, so please tell us what are the indications when electrocoating would be autophoretic coating process better choice.

Particularly on some rubber-metal parts. Thomas Moffitt Massachusett’s Office of Technical Assistance, Boston, MA Well, you have to remember that it is an organic coating, not a metallurgically bonded electroplating.

Autophoretic Coating Process

Want to decide on the process. Functional peocess may be applied to change the surface properties of the substrate, such as adhesionwettability coatinb, corrosion resistanceor wear resistance. In CED coating, electricity causes those chemical changes that result in deposition onto the substrate. CED is an acronym for cathodic autophoretic coating process, i. I’m autophoretic coating process for any independent research about autodeposition coating. But in case of electrocoating, the surface atom of the lattice may form bond with foreign atoms.